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Transcript of a Phone Interview with
the Office of Youth Development in Sacramento

From City of Sac Office of Youth Development site
How do you measure the success of the Office of Youth Development?
We make sure that we are fully staffed, have a good action plan. We view if we are making change like, how many policy changes or recommendations are being made.  We make sure we are recognized as advocates for children (teens).  We arranged different citywide partnerships. We have fundraised about one million dollars for youth programming. We coordinate city departments for youth.  We work on youth friendly policies.

How and why was the office created?
A group of concerned citizens realized that there is nothing in the city for youth and that the city policies were not very youth friendly. The group went to city council and recommended an office of youth development. The city looked into the recommendation and allowed people to travel to view other offices. The city took quick action to get the office up and running. It was created May 2007. I (Director Lyn Corbett) was hired December 2007.

Who staffs the office of youth development?
The staff does come from backgrounds dealing with youth, so we make sure we have people who care about youth and really want to make a difference. We also take in youth interns and we have a youth commission.

Where does your funding come from?
We get general funding. The city does have a budget for the office of youth development about $400,000. Most of our money comes from grants. We also do our own fundraising.

Would you recommend an office of youth development to other cities, such as Stockton, with a youth problem?
I would definitely recommend an office of youth development in a city like Stockton.  It is more than just a Parks and Recreation thing; it is a city wide partnership.

Do you have any more comments or information you want to share with me?
The office helps create a stronger youth voice and allows that voice to be heard. An office like this should be under the city manager’s office to give the office authority.

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Zephanii Smith 5:52 PM
Ms. Smith, returning from one year away from Stockton, personally thanked the City for all she has accomplished since serving on Stockton's Youth Advisory Commission. She stated that more than 235 young people want to save Stockton. She spoke to 3 target areas that these young people have identified, they are: the Teen Center; coalition to save the youth in Stockton; and, develop a place to bring together all the resources for the youth in the community. Ms. Smith reported that the next meeting of the Save Our Stockton organization will be held at the University of the Pacific Library, Thursday, July 9 at 6 p.m and invited Councilmembers to attend.

Phillip Hon 5:58 PM
Mr. Hon, former member of the Stockton Youth Education Action Team, Stanford University student, and Stockton resident expressed his appreciation of Stockton, stating that Stockton is a unique and special city. He urged the Council to empower Stockton youth to make positive changes in the community.

Sharlyce Powell (CM to follow-up) 6:01 PM
Ms. Powell, high school student, spoke regarding the Teen Center and how rudely she was treated at the facility.

Councilmember Eggman asked that the Teen Center contract be reviewed.

Brandi Spencer 6:04 PM
Mr. Spencer, University of the Pacific student, member of Save Our Stockton (SOS), and Founder of Empowering Young Voices Incorporated, spoke to the Teen Center revitalization. He presented a strategy to save the Teen Center.

Michael Tubbs 6:08 PM
Mr. Tubbs, former Youth Advisory Commissioner, spoke regarding youth issues and shared what the youth can do to energize the city. He reported that the City of Sacramento provides an Office of Youth Development and suggested that Stockton look into developing a similar model. He asked the Mayor to create a Youth Task Force.

Christopher Prado 6:13 PM
Mr. Prado shared his proactive vision for Save Our Stockton. He is a student at California University, East Bay and former member of San Joaquin Juvenile Justice Delinquency/Prevention Committee. He relayed that the members of SOS regard Stockton as being in a state of emergency and are willing to work together to make Stockton a better place.

From Stockton Government City Council Meeting Notes