We invite all to attend the Mayor's Task Force meeting on Wednesday January 13th, 2010 at the Gary and Janice Podesto Teen Center.

Please look at the calander for SOS updates.

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SOS! Our city is in a state of emergency! The youth of the city have been lost in the discussion of budget cuts by both the city and the board of education. We need to actively let the city know that youth have their needs and that they are not being met.

Look at all the statistics that tell us that Stockton is the most violent city, foreclosure capital, illiteracy king, and everything else that really we're just too tired to hear about.

"There's nothing to do in Stockton," is a phrase often heard and often it is this idleness and boredom that provides the seeds for people to turn to violence.

Youth need outlets (i.e. sports, the arts, music, organizations) and youth need leadership. Yet, it seems like all these outlets are slowly being taken away from us one by one. Teachers are receiving pink slips, music programs are being cut, and all the community centers are becoming endangered.

Maybe its because they feel that the youth don't care, that we are apathetic and lazy. Prove to them that this is not true. Speak up. Show up. Empower yourself.

We cannot sit idly by and allow the youth voice and priorities be unheard...We HAVE to organize.

SOS - Save our Stockton.