Our Action Items

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1. Teen Center Reform
-Evaluation of the partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, and ways of improving it.
-Student input (programming board) of events and programming
-Publicity through youth friendly avenues (myspace, facebook, schools, libraries).

2. Streamlined Information Database
-Like a stocktonteens.com or a teen facebook/myspace page

- Connection to Stockton Teen social networking websites
- Calendar of youth events
- Resources of scholarships, teen activities, job searches for teens
- Place where teens can share their opinions

Information on the Database:
- Events for teens (networkingpromotion)
- Resources
    - scholarships (congressional award)
    - Places to volunteer
    - Opportunities to youth involvement
    - Employment (Job Fairs)
-Self Expression
-Agencies and Services (hotlines)
-Student Journalists
-Open Suggestions
-Teen Center
-Supportive Education

3. Creation of a Taskforce
-To look at problems facing young people in Stockton and look at best practices of other cities to be staffed by city council members, professionals and youth.

-Immediate Creation
-Diverse membership

Recommendation of Task Force Composition:
-City Council Members
- Education Backgrounds
- Faith Based Organizations
-Nonprofit Youth Organizations
-Business City Chamber Members
- Youth Members
- Peacekeepers

- Also important is to get people FROM Stockton (Born and Raised here)

Future Projects

-Education Reform
-Working with Churches
-State of the City for Teens Press Conference