Save Our Stockton (SOS) Meeting

August 10, 2009 


Bernard School of Education


Number of Youth Attending: 7

Others: Mary Claire Attebery

Benjamin Saffoid




I. Recap


Last meeting

              1. We met with Carolyn Godwin and Adolfo Cruz

              2. Got input and support from both


II. Clarifications for Teen Center

Carolyn Godwin wants to set up a meeting with B & G club for SOS and council members

Sharona Suggest that SOS meet with B & G alone first

Certain members should go to the teen center and create a feedback

Recommendation for members: YAC documents, 3 action items, work w/ YAC


III. Positions

Sharona Silver- Teen Center Coordinator

Josh Washington- Marketing

              1. Facebook Marketing

              2. Flyers

              3. Myspace

              4. Schools

              5. Logo

              6. Flyer

              7. Angel

              8. Business Cards (Working with Benjamin Saffoid)

Ahmad- Entertainment Event (May be Aug 26)

              1. Meeting Thurs. (Aug 13)

              2. Locations

              3. Minutes

              4. Publicity and recruitment event for SOS

Scharlyce Powell- Lead Coordinator

1. Write Agenda

2. Facilitate

              3. Communicating

              4. Oversight

              5. Announce change of meeting places

Alex Bronson- Recruitment Coordinator

1. Contact individual school student councils

2. Contact district superintendent

3. Work on creating a flyer

4. Expand to bring in certain college groups

5. Meet with person 15 min before open meeting and fill them in

6. Send a link or certain documents to the new members

7. Draft Email

8. Contact YAC members

9. Go to mall and ask people with video camera “what is it like to be a youth in Stockton?”

    (Get release form)

10. Set up time for the welcoming video to be shot

Ronak Patel- Webmaster

              1. Thank people online

              2. Take minutes

              3. Managing the website

              4. Streaming Videos

              5. Working on online recruitment

              6. Place Face Book link on website

Mike Farmer-

1. Work and share responsibilities with Alex and Josh

2. Try getting contacts and work with multimedia

IV. City Council Meeting on 08-11-09

Alex and Ronak will attend meeting

              1. Thank vice mayor and council members

              2. Thank Carolyn Godwin and Adolfo Cruz

              3. Clarify Aug 24th meeting

VII. Miscellaneous

Denis Smalie (executive director) and Jennifer Krengel (events coordinator)

              1. Both will attend future SOS meeting

2. Willing to meet with SOS and event nights are open for Oct 9 and 16

3. Location: Downtown Stockton Plaza             

Scharlyce recommended that coordinators meet an hour before the actual meeting and everyone


Scharlyce recommended that a list of reasons to join be added to the website

Ms. Mary Claire recommended that the original creators and new coordinators 

  Thanks to Phillip, Zephenii, Chris, & Micheal for their dedication and support in pushing for a better

     Stockton for teens


Adjournment Time- 7:57 P.M.