Save Our Stockton (SOS) Meeting

August 31, 2009


Benerd School of Education


I. Introductions

II. Recap of Task Force Meeting

              A. Updates on letters

              B. Changes made


III. Brainstorm of Youth Organizations

              A. Wow. Contact Tama

              B. E.Y.V. contact Brandie

              C. Delta Clubs contact

              D. UOP Clubs Contact

              E. Espino Contact

              F. Churches [ALL]

              G. S.T.O.R.M contact Tylicia Hooker

              H. Mid-Town Youth Advisory Board

              I. YAC-SUSD. conmtact Tim Martinez

              J. Youth Football Program

              K. St. Councils Contacts

              L. B.E.A.

IV. Meeting with Anthony Silva

              A. Aug. 31 meeting at Teen Center


Adjournment- 6:48 pm