I. Introductions
   a) In attendance:
       Adolfo Cruz(Stockton Community Services)
       Carolyn Godwin(Stockton City Manager)
II. History/Background of SOS
III. Personal observations of Teen Center
     a) Scharlyce
     b) Alex
     c) Neco
IV. Experiences between YAC & Teen Center
     a) Alex
     b) Neco
     c) Phillip(recalls Brandon)
V. Response from Adolfo Cruz of Stockton Community Services(SCS)
     a) Boys & Girls Club(BGC) wanted YAC to program Teen Center
     b) City wanted BGC to program Teen Center with YAC advising according to agreement
     c) Issue between City and Boys & Girls Club never resolved resulting in YAC meeting moving out of Teen Center and into SCS offices
     d) City is discussing alternate plans and projects as options for when agreement expires, including closing Teen Center except for weekend events with outside agencies
VI. Response from Carolyn Godwin, Stockton City Manager(SCM)
     a) Boys & Girls Club have been out of compliance of agreement in every quarterly evaluation of her tenure with the SCM
     b) YAC is always free to report any violations directly to SCM or SCS at any time
     c) Carolyn Godwin's direct line is (209) 937-8298 and her e-mail address is carolyn.godwin@ci.stockton.ca.us
     d) Adolfo Cruz's direct line is (209)937-8285 and his e-mail address is adolfo.cruz@ci.stockton.ca.us


SOS Meeting Notes 

Meeting Began: 6:05 P.M. 

- 15 to 25 people at center

- same people

- 6 directors in last some odd years

- 30 day contract suspension not considered

- Renovation in center necessary

- No direct input from the youth

- Boys and Girls club has gotten compliance checks quarterly for no compliance!

- Let whole year go through with out compliance check

- Center not accepting teen volunteers even though one staff member stated that there was lack

  of staff

- Franklin student taught dance at the teen center and it was successful. He was willing to do it for


- Center turned in program plan months after the May 3 deadline in 2008

- Suggestion to add penalty for late submission of program plan by center (Benjamin)

- The center was not thorough with the program plan

- Youth must be scale accounted for when considering success of the teen center (Benjamin)

- Recommendation to look at other centers that have successful compliance checks

- YAC took trip to San-Jose in 2006 and observation of better teen centers exist      

  around the state with less resources (Zephanii)

- Need to send teen center reform documents to Mr.Cruz and Ms. Godwin

- City facilitated the Teen Fest and YAC initiated

- Money requirement is a problem with rental space (Phillip Hon)

- Should be a tutoring sessions in center but there are none (Powell)

- SOS engagement in legal aspect with dialogue is something to be looked into

- No part time employees at the community centers. 2 teen centers and 2 pools have closed town

- City could save 60k by running the facility itself but it could not be held open everyday.

  The facility would be open in accordance with held events (Mr.Cruz)

- Zephanii asked Mr. Cruz if Phillip and she could participate in the contractual details. Mr. Cruz

  says that it is possible.

- Concern that if city takes over the teen center then it will not be a nonprofit and the city will be

   more limited (Benjamin).

- Public Record will be distributed to everyone by Ms. Godwin. Data from last year. 

- Better communication with city manager (Ms.Godwin)

- Discussions with the boys and girls club to get their perspective needs to me fulfilled (Phillip 


- Seifert closed on Dec !, 2008. Used as a rental facility

- Make a commitment? (Zephanii)

-The question of a commitment to view other teen centers will be presented (Mr. Cruz) 

Ajournment: 8:17


Have any of them been results from youth/organizations?
Does not know where input came from?

Vision and Funding will affect the next agreement

Thoughts for a new agreement
- There should be a monetary penalty for not complying with the contract.
- 3rd party non-profits sometimes audit money spent

Update them every year, post them. School counselors. YAC Application cannot be found online.
YAC- not reflective of entire stockton youth.

Need Outreach to charter school.

Stopped sending the information for the magazine.
Last 2 magazines online due to budget cuts, but they still asked for information.

No compliance report. So no way to verify money.

Many parks and rec locations being closed
32 sites to 17.
Community Centers...no part time employees
Closed on Mondays
Operated by the full time staff.

Adolfo stated they "could not provide one staff member" for teen center operations if city of stockton took it on.
These discussions are happening because our budget crisis.

Carolyn will Schedule Meeting and send us Data
We will try to take tours...