Meeting Minutes July 12, 2009:

Goals for Meeting w/ Teen Center Director
- Programming and Activities
- Relationship w/ YAC
- Youth Friendly Staff...knowledgeable.
- First Priority Teen Event
- More Advertisement
- Breakdown Contract
- Volunteer Opportunities
- Define Teen Hours
- Ensure students have input on next contract
- Relationship with Parks and Rec

Task Force Recommendations
- People From Stockton (Born and Raised Here).
- City Council Members
- High School Counselors
- Faith Based Organizations
- Nonprofit Youth Organizations
- Chamber- Business City Chamber Members
- Youth Members
- Peacekeepers

How to get the task force immediately
-Consistently Contact city officials
-Use Letters as segue
-Reach out for Community Support to Call Mayor and push for task force etc.
-Make note Task Force won't cost money.

Things to say at the Council Meeting
-Thank Council Woman  Eggman
-Recommend 4 a task force
-We've analyzed teen center and contract
-Talked with current YAC members commissioners- Terms are not being met.
-YEAT suspended (Adult and Youth partnership)
-Invite Councilman to the meeting Monday 7/29 6PM (Holman and Eggman first)
-Note the Brown Act
-Long Standing Concerned Community Members have shown support