Meeting Minutes July 6, 2009

About the Teen Center:
Teen Programming...Hotspot
Great type of potential.
Other successful teen centers: Lodi, Modesto, Lathrop, San Jose.

Problems/facts about the teen center:
Very few people there
$2 bowling
$5 annual cost
$25 youth group meeting.
Great space, no student voice
Publicty, Myspace
Lack of urgent need for youth (tutoring)
No Volunteers
It is a rent out space

What does it need:
Needs Programming.
Teens on Staff
Numbers equate funding (numbers)...consistent following
Young people should promote Teen Center
Facebook, Myspace...speak youth language.

How we can improve the teen center:
1. Outreach Team, especially within Teen Center
2. Teens more active in decisions
3. Programming
4. Advertising
5. Utilize YAC/ or create programming board
6. Re-birth
7. Funding Donors

Brandon and Scharlyce will speak about these two points on the teen center.

3 Demands
1. Creation of a Task Force (modeled after one in sacramento).
2. Teen Center Reform
3. Teen Resources (web resources). Information Access.

How to get Teens Excited
1. Need a pointperson for communications
2. Calendar Series of Events
3. Resources who can hook up a myspace

What SOS needs to sustain itself

1. Communications Guru
2. Expanding out Reach
3. Consolidating Resources

How to engage teens:
    Myspace, facebook, twitter
    Show them the potential of SOS
    One on one discussion.
    Hit the demographic…
    Younger teens 15-16
    Mobile, out where we are.
        Movies, mall, bowling, walmart,
    Get them in one place.
    Feel like they are apart of it (inclusive)
    Flash theater
    Song, music video…youtube.
    Buy-ins/Incentivs…youth involvement
    Churches should be interactive in the movement.
    Make noise… facebook myspace, youtube
    Keep people involved with jobs.

Other Notes:

They will say they've already done something.
So, should we stop there?
We shouldn't stop because it didn't work.
One thing to throw money and resources...more teen voices and empowerment.
Don't relate to mass amount of students…can’t be elitist group of board leaders.
Youth are looking for something to be apart of something to be involved in.

City Council Responses to our comments.


Our questions
1.    What is there to do as a young person in Stockton
2.    Where are youth on your agenda
3.    What is teen programming the teen center look like?
4.    What is the status of the partnership with the boys and girls club of Stockton.

1.    Task Force
a.    Mention the stats
b.    Stockton doesn’t have one
c.    They’ve established everyone
d.    What it should look like…youth diversity, YAC, adults professionals (Michael Tubbs)

Moving Forward

1.    Task Force
2.    Teen Center Reform
3.    Clearinghouse