SOS Meeting with the Teen Center9/2/2009



Review of information shared with SOS by Adolfo Cruz and Carolyn Godwin

Review of current Teen Center operations by Teen Center Director Jaime Jiminez


Review of Boys & Girls Club Director Anthony Silva perspective:



Review of upcoming Teen Center improvements by Teen Center Director Jaime Jiminez:




Item: Teen Center rental

Resolution: Youth can submit proposal directly to Jaime Jiminez or Anthony Silva


Item: Youth have been told in the past that they would be charged to use the Teen Center

Resolution: Any legitimate youth or youth group will be able to rent the Teen Center for free


Item: Definition of “legitimate” teen group

Resolution: A teen group associated with school, church, non-profit, business, club or organization recognized in the community


Item: Definition of “teen” or “youth”

Resolution: Ages 13-19 years old


Item: Teens in attendance share what they want from the Teen Center




Action Items for the Teen Center:




Remaining Needs For Action: