Save Our Stockton (SOS) Meeting

August 17, 2009


Bernard School of Education



In Attendance: Alexander Bronson

                       Sharona Silver

                       Scharlyce Powell

                       Ronak Patel

                       Phillip Hon

                       Michael Tubbs

                       Mary Claire Attebery

                       Brandon Jaggers

                       Sam Fant

                       Ahmad Majid

                       Robert Botto

                       Sal Giminez

                       Alitha Howard

                       Damon Weathersby

                       Chanda Chhin

                       Jamny Nung

                       Louis and Selena Johnson

                       Zephanii Smith

                       Samual Nunez




I. Meeting with Mayor

              A. Aug 24th at 6pm @ Philomathean Club 1000 N. Hunter St.


II. Teen Center Visit and Events

              A. Warm welcome for those who recently visited the teen center

              B. All area dance proposed by Brandon and Sharona

                            1. Hip hop and old 70s/80s disco theme

              C. Staff somewhat uninformed on certain criteria at teen center

              D. meeting with Anthony Silva is better


III. SOS Entertainment Event

              A. Meeting Thurs 4pm Starbucks

              B. Wants teen center as first location

              C. 2nd is downtown plaza option

              D. Talent show case

                            1. 2 dance groups, hip-hop, etc.

                            2. Jakobie Center

                                          (1). Sept 19th or Oct 3rd. Family day at the park


IV. New Location for Meetings

              A. Church by North Side of Stockton near West Lane movie theater

              B. Consider teen center as meeting location


V. Task Force Meeting

              A. Room can hold 40 people

              B. What to talk about at Aug 24th meeting

                            1. First meeting be with core group of coordinators

                            2. Have another meeting with supporting groups in future meeting

              C. People on Task Force

                            1. People form Stockton (Born and Raised)

                            2. City Council Members

                            3. YAC

                            4. Faith Based Organizations

                            5. Chamber-Business City Chamber Members

                            6. Peacekeepers

                            7. High School Counselors

                            8. Nonprofit Youth Organization

              D. Recommendations for Task Force (Brainstorm)

                            1. Use phrase “stakeholders” more

                            2. Need of real services. Recreational events are only a draw in.

                            3. Not sure that B & G Club can work well with adolescents

                            4. Voice of teen not being heard

                            5. Lack of positive resources for trade skills and life skills

                            6. Have more centers for teens to go to

                            7. Help teens understand their rights

                            8. Lack of confidence in teens

                            9. Networking of resources necessary

                            10. Teaching respect and bringing cultures together

                            11. Look at best practices of other cities (ex. Sacramento)

                            12. Address tagging, literacy, and health issues

                            13. Development of resource allocation

                            14. Have a set agenda when presenting to mayor and council members

              E. Structure of Task Force

                            1. Define role of community groups

                            2. Have a written document for meeting



              A. Youth Empowerment Summit

                            1. Oct 16, 2009

                            2. San Joaquin Delta College

                            3. Espino event

              B. Leadership Coordination Event

                            1. Sept 18th, 19th, and 20th

                            2. Info at

              C. Contact Youth Advisory Board

              D. Contact Peace Keepers Board


Adjournment: 7:26 PM